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Would you like to take part in a race? You don't have to be able to drive a car, but ability to calculate moves and think logically is a must. No dice! Every move, like in checkers or chess, calculated according to your car's position and the distance and positions of the rivals. Let the wisest win!
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Fire, Water & Pipes!

In the new exciting puzzle-game you can entertain yourself by extremely realistically modeled water in the complex pipes system. Relax while watching water flowing from one block to another, obeying your control and the laws of physics in Relax mode, or challenge relentlessly approaching water and devouring flame in the way to the top of the Leaderboard in Challenge mode! As usual, you will enjoy beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects!
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Easy Checkers

Play Checkers and Giveaway Checkers by English or Russian rules on your iPhone or iPod touch. Computer opponent level gradually varies from 'child's play' to very challenging one. Play with your friend connecting two devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or sharing the same device. And, last but not least, enjoy smooth animations and authentic sound effects.
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